I Made A DIY Macrame Plant Hanger And I Love It!

Macrame was huge when I was a kid. It wasn’t the same as the all cotton rope they have now. The kind I was playing with was some kind of synthetic fiber, and I loved it. I made a few plant hangers and a blue owl wall hanging. I have no idea if they are still kicking around out there somewhere today. I remember my dad had hand made all the wooden beads for them. I wish I still had them.

I ordered the macrame rope off Amazon.ca and I got the pattern right here on WordPress, from this wonderful blogger. The wooden beads came from the local Michaels.

It was fast and easy and the end result turned out great. Even if you’ve never done it before, it was really easy. I wasn’t quite sure how to do the end of the pattern, so I took a guess and ad libbed a tad. This project took a few hours to complete and I love it!

Published by Amber

Welcome to the site of Lobster Shorts. Come explore life with a happy, go-lucky, Canadian, that loves to laugh, and share experiences. I love plants, kayaking, reading, hanging out with my guy and my dog, watching horror movies, be in nature, write letters, make cards, and try new things. Come join me on my adventures and journey through life.

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